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Happy Birthday Status In Gujarati: Now People are searching Gujarati WhatsApp status for an update on WhatsApp status. Today I am going to share some Gujarati status you can also update Hindi WhatsApp Status.  Different type of Gujarati status collection in below I think you like this status. Please share this status with your friends and family.

Happy Birthday Status In Gujarati

Happy Birthday Status In Gujarati
Happy Birthday Status In Gujarati

 Male Je Aapne jene Tame Shodhta Hoy,
Har Savar Ni Sathe ak Navo Ahesas Male,
Zindagi ni hal Pal Pasand Aave Aapne,
Zindagi me har Roj 1 Navi Khoosi male.
Happy Birthday Bro…

 Darek Kaam Aasan Thai Jaay,
Darek Kaam Ma Saflta Male,
Bdha Loko Tamne Prem Kare,
Sukhmay Jivan Vite,
Aa mari dua chhe dost jarur asar karse.
Janmdin Mubarak Ho….

Happy Birthday SMS In Gujarati

 Hu Janmdin Par Aapu Chhu aek Vachan,
Jivanbhar Taro Sath Nibhavi, Karis taru Jatan,
Bhale Ne Aema Thai Jay Maru Patan,
Tara Mathe Jan Panh Di Daeis Ae Che Maru Vachanh.
Happy Birthday Dear …
Aap ne anadi man mubarak,
Khute nahi tetlu dham mubarak,
Tandurast bharyu tan mubarak,
Aap ne janma divs mubarak.

Today Mubarak Kal Mubarak
Wahl Mubarak as the sea
Happy be happy you Mubarak
This day you Harsal Mubarak

Everyone can be the brother to their sister.
But she takes a man of character and generosity to be a loving brother of her mother-in-law.
Such a brother-in-law for Happy Birthday

When I was dating your sister, she always kept telling me what you were a wonderful brother. Once I got married, I found myself out Happy Birthday to my dear brother-in-law

You are my husband’s husband’s husband, but that does not stop me from calling you a brother of my own. Happy Birthday.

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